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Encouraging age-appropriate play and activities

Encouraging your child to engage in age-appropriate play and activities is a vital part of their development. Here are some suggestions for encouragement:

  1. Provide Diverse Toys: Offer a variety of toy types to your child, from building blocks to art supplies, allowing them to explore different interests and skills.

  2. Outdoor Activities: Encourage outdoor play for your child to enjoy sunlight and fresh air. This contributes to physical development and nature exploration.

  3. Arts and Creativity: Support your child's involvement in arts and creative activities, such as drawing and crafting. This nurtures creativity and expressive skills.

  4. Playmates: Arrange playdates for your child to interact with peers, which aids in social skill development and friendship building.

  5. Engage in Sports: Encourage your child to participate in sports activities like swimming and running, which promote physical health and coordination.

Our consulting team is available to provide recommendations on age-appropriate games and activities for your child and how to foster their participation in daily life. Please contact us at:


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